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Why Absolute Best Résumés?

Dear Prospective Client:


    Through Absolute Best Résumés you have access to all the best job search help you will ever need, including résumé posting and the most up to date advice on how to best publicize your résumé. You will learn techniques to enhance your chances of actually getting your printed résumé to a hiring manager.


    You receive personal service and can make changes or additions any time.


    You may receive discounts when you purchase additional servicves beyond your résumé and cover letters.


    You receive free guidance for life on interviewing, salary negotiations, and exactly how to go about the best methods of obtaining the job you want.


    More than 95% of people looking for jobs are going about it the wrong way. Once you become my client by having me prepare your résumé and cover letters, I provide you with little-known secrets that will increase your success rate and put you in the top 5% of those who are successful. I become your lifetime job search coach—for no additional cost.


    As we create your documents, I show you not only what we are doing but WHY. I tell you what is effective and what is not and WHY. I also provide you with obscure psychological facts about people’s reactions to certain techniques and why doing it my way will benefit you.


    Once we have finished, you will have available to you everything you need to know about résumé writing and job search techniques. There is no additional charge for this.


    I’ve been writing résumés for more than thirty years. I’ve been on the job-search side and the hiring side, and I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to Bring Out the Best in You and put it in a way that is both artistic and effective.


    My goal is always service to you—to help you attain your career goals.


Sincerely yours,