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                 Dr. Gordon R. Heinrich, ThD, BA, English

              Member, National Résumé Writers' Association

                        Specializing in Executive Résumés

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Prices - Discounts - Process 


  Prices Start at $ 299.


  Supervisor Résumé Prices Start at $399.


  Manager Résumé Prices Start at $499.


  Executive Résumé Prices Start at $599.


  Discounts Up to 30% for Qualified Clients*


    Résumé Prices include . . .


    •  Résumé in PDF, DOCX, and TXT Formats, or other format of your choice

    •  10 Copies on Highest Quality Résumé Paper

    •  Electronic Files Emailed to You

    •  Your Documents always Available from Absolute Best Résumés

    •  All your Files on your CD or other Memory Device

    •  28 Job Search Guides

    •  My “7-Step Job Search Secrets” and “Publish Yourself”

    •  Lifetime Counseling

    •  Guaranteed Satisfaction

    •  Publicity Guidance: LinkedIn, Website, Twitter, Facebook, Resume Posting (Casting)



    Have your résumé be a work of art that . . .


                     - Stands out above others


                     - Ranks at the top of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)


                     - Is noticed and read . . .  and


                     - Ensures that you receive calls for interviews



                                                                Up to 30% for Qualified Clients

   : Recent Graduate                        : Military Conversion               : Unemployed                         : Veteran

   : Three or More Services             : Executive Crossover              : Student                                  : Special Needs          


 The Process


    First, call me to set the first interview, which usually takes about 30 minutes. During this interview I will show you samples of my work,

 explain what I do and why it works better than what most others are doing. You will see and judge for yourself. Next, you provide me with

 information about you—your areas of expertise, achievements, experience, accolades, and unique qualities.


    Second, return for the second appointment to make sure your documents are the way you want them and to receive your printed and

 electronic copies. If we need to make changes then or later, there is no additional charge.



 Questions and Answers


 Q:    Can’t I do this all online without coming in?

 A:    Certainly. But having you here has significant advantages. First, your being here and actually seeing some of my work lets you know how great

         your résumé can be. Second, although most of my work takes place without your being here, the short time you are here can often make for

         a more effective collaborative effort. Finally, our communication and changes are instant, and the finished product is available (including printed

         copies) immediately. You get to approve your résumé on the spot and make any desirable adjustments.


 Q:    Do I need to bring any money (check, credit card, or cash) with me to the first meeting?

 A:    Only if you want us to get started. The consultation is free, but payment for services is rquired in advance. Bringing your preferred method  

         of payment will facilitate matters and may keep you from having to make an unnecessary trip. Not only that, but if you pay your fee at the

         initial interview, you receive a 5% discount . . . . in addition to any other discounts you qualify for.


 Q:    What other discounts are there?

 A:    There are many ways to receive discounts, and the more services you order, the bigger the discount: - Number of Services

          - Providing Referrals    - Providing Accolades (e.g., Angie’s List, LinkedIn)   - Writing Review of ABR     - Paying by Check . . . and more.


 Q:    What if I decide I want to add or change something later on?

 A:    There is no charge for changes made for 90 days. After that, there may be additional minimal charges.


 Q:     Suppose a few years from now I need an update?

 A:     Fees for updates after a year start at only $20.


 Q:     Can't I update my résumé myself?

 A:     Absolutely. In fact, I prepare all your documents so that you can make changes with a minimum of effort.


 Q:    What if I love your work, but I just cannot afford it?

 A:    Don’t let financial matters keep you from getting the best. Consider the fact that your résumé is one of the most important documents you will

         ever have. The quality of your résumé could mean the difference between getting a mediocre position with average or below average pay

         and getting your dream job with excellent pay. We will work with you financially. You cannot afford not to have the Absolute Best.