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                 Dr. Gordon R. Heinrich, ThD, BA, English

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    Designing, Writing, Proofreading, Editing


      Make sure you hit the target and get the documents you want, when you want them, and know that they are grammatically correct and according

  to your specifications.


      As an English teacher for six years, a marketing agent, and professional résumé writer for thirty years, I make sure that all the documents you

  assign me to proofread, edit, or write, are error-free: that correct grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraphing, and

  style are used.





      Whether you already have a résumé and just need it polished or updated or you need to prepare one from scratch, I believe I can do it for you

  better and for less money than any other professional service.


      I guarantee your personal satisfaction and that your résumé will yield the maximum results when you follow my “7-Step Job Search Secrets.”



  Cover Letters 


      Every résumé faxed, mailed, emailed, or taken in person needs a cover letter. Each one must be unique, based on your prospective

  employer. Writing an effective cover letter not only greatly increases the probability that your résumé will be read, but that it will be taken seriously.

  Your cover letter personalizes your initial contact and lets your prospective employer know that you have given serious thought to working for their

  company. A unique cover letter increases results, especially when you let your prospective employer know why you are most likely to be the best

  person for the position you seek.



  Search and Research 


      The more you know about your prospective employer, the better will be your communication. Such research takes time. You can use me as

  your personal agent to supplement your efforts or to do it all for you.



  Storage and Retrieval 


      Every document I prepare for you is stored both electronically and with hard copies. All computer files are backed up and you can receive your

  own disk so that you can retrieve and print them at any time. If you misplace your copies, you can always come to me for the backups. I also email

  your documents to you.



  Getting the Interview 


      Even when you have an award-winning résumé and a dynamic cover letter, your competition could number in the hundreds or even thousands,

  and your documents may go unnoticed. Follow my 7-Step Job Search Secrets to guarantee interviews.



  Follow-up Letters


     After every job interview, you need to send a follow-up letter, or thank-you note. Once you let me know of an upcoming interview, I make sure

  your letter is ready to send when you need it. With a follow-up in writing, by phone, or in person, your chances of getting the position you want are

  significantly increased.



  References Page


      A good references page consists of more than just listing people’s names, addresses, and phone numbers. I make sure you include the vital

  information and that you have included only the appropriate references. In addition, I make sure you know how to prepare your references to best

  promote you.



  Work History Sheet 


      For you to complete an application quickly, I make this sheet easy to read: names, addresses, phone numbers, the tasks you did, accomplishments,

  honors and awards, and other information pertinent to the positions you held. This is simply an optional paper to make your filling out an application




  Finest Quality Stationery


     I print your documents on the finest quality professional résumé paper and stationery.



  Mail or Email 


      Once the documents have been prepared, all you have to do is call me when you have a prospective employer, and I will send your cover letter,

  résumé, or other documents to insure that they arrive as soon as possible.



  Best Service and Lowest Fees


      I believe you will receive the best service and lowest fees available anywhere from a professional résumé writer or service (unless you want a

  “cookie cutter” résumé that uses pre-formatted documents and are not likely to be any better than anyone else’s). Hire me as your agent to do the

  most effective and economical job.



    Lifetime Résumé Update Service


     This feature freezes prices on changes to your résumé, gives you unlimited changes for the first two years at no additional charge,

  and discounts other charges for life.



  Free Lifetime Counseling


      Once you hire me to prepare your résumé and cover letters, I am available for advice on any aspect of your job search. I’ve been doing this for

  more than 40 years. I know what works and what doesn’t. There is no additional cost for this. Once you hire me, I’m yours for life.



  Résumé Posting


      Have your résumé posted on up to 93 Job Search Engines in about 48 hours. Your résumé will be available for thousands of employers.



Same Day Service Available?


     Sometimes, but not likely. The Best Work usually takes 2 to 3 days or more, depending on how much information is needed to make your

  résumé effective and to make you shine above nearly all other applicants.