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Error-free resumes that shine

Now's the time to spread the word: we have writing and editing services that can help boost the look, feel, and professionalism of all your job hunt materials. It takes only one or two errors to absolutely sink your job hunt, so don't let a few small errors on your resume cost you the job of your dreams. There are always going to be more resumes than time for interviews for any job position---make sure you're NOT one of the resumes weeded out early.


Trust our professional writing and editing services to get your resume in tip-top shape.

Oustanding writing at nominal rates

Don't cost yourself a chance at your dream job because you have errors on your resume. For just $220, I'll provide you with a professionally written and edited resume in PDF, DOC, WPD, TXT, or any other format you choose, 10 copies on the highest quality paper, electronic files (on your flash drive, SDHC card, or disk and emailed to you), 25 job search guides, my "7-Step Job Search Secrets," and lifetime counseling from more than forty years of my experience! No more excuses. Let's get you the dream job today!

We take care of

- Cover letters

- Follow-up letters

- Mail correspondences

- Work history sheets

- Resumes

- Referrences page

- Online presence and more!

Trust our experience to serve you!

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Resumes get you noticed. Cover letters get you the interview. I'll help get you both!