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For Maximum Results

With your resume and cover letters, you receive . . .


  -  Your Resume in PDF, DOC,  and TXT Formats (or any other format you choose)

  -  10 Copies Printed on the Highest Quality Paper

 -  26 Job Search Guides, including "Finding the Hiring Manager" and "Interview Preparation"

 -  My 7-Step Job Search Secrets to Guarantee Interviews

 -  Personal Instructions on Job Search techniques

 -  My Personal Attention and Lifetime Counseling


                                                   . . . to help you in any phase of the job search process!

A Résumé that Makes You Shine!

Your résumé will be artistically and attractively crafted. I don't use preformatted  forms. I personally design your résumé to be unique so that you will stand out above 95% of other applicants. Your résumé will be  organized in a way that gets attention, keeps it, and prompts the hiring manager to call you for an interview.


  My primary focus is helping you get the position you really want. Absolute Best Résumés Brings Out the Best in You.


    Set a no-obligation appointment today, and let me show you what I can do for you.