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Customized cover letters

Nothing is worse during a job search than being cookie-cutter. If you don't stand out from other applicants, you won't be noticed. A good resume tells an employer what you do, but a cover letter tells them who you are, and why you are unique. Boring cover letters can cause a manager to barely skim your resume, while a customized and clever one can jump your resume to the very top of the pile.


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Build a powerful portfolio

Complete your entire job application portfolio with my help! Cover letters aren't all I do to ensure your job application papers are prepared to achieve maximum effect. I work on the entire package, including resume assistance, helping with your job hunt, creating an online presence, and writing and editing help for all your job search support documents.

Everything you need

- Cover letter writing

- Cover letter proofing

- Cover letter editing

- Follow-up letter writing

- Follow-up letter proofing


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Resumes get you noticed. Cover letters get you the interview. I'll help get you both!